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Hybrid Retirement Products.
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Hybrid Retirement Products.
You can now

 combine an annuity with income drawdown

. Why not get the best of both worlds for your retirement?

Want to see how much more you could have in retirement?

How it works

You don’t know exactly what your retirement’s going to bring. So how on earth do you choose between an annuity and income drawdown? By combining the two, you get the benefits of both. You’ll secure a guaranteed income, but you‘ll also have the flexibility to draw extra cash whenever you need it.

Hybrid products mean you’re covered for any changes in your lifestyle. And it’s usually much more cost-effective than if you bought the two products separately.

The benefits of a hybrid retirement product are:

  • Take up to 25% tax-free cash
  • Guaranteed retirement income
  • Flexible lump sums available when needed
  • Pension remains invested for possible growth
  • Benefits for your family and loved ones when you die

What’s the catch?

The biggest risk with income drawdown is running out of money early. So financial advice is absolutely necessary when setting up a hybrid retirement product.

A hybrid solution might not work for you if your pension pot is relatively small. A significant chunk will be needed to pay for advice and most providers will insist on a minimum pension fund.

We can connect you with an annuity specialist from a trusted network of advisors. They can advise whether a hybrid retirement product is right for you.

Want to see how much more you could have in retirement?