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New Single Body to guide Public on Pensions and Debts

9 Nov 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

A single body to advise people on pensions and debt has been announced by the government. Back in March, former Chancellor George Osborne announced ...

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British Over-55s have more home equity than the entire GDP of Italy

25 Oct 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Pension age Brits hold so much equity in Property, it outstrips the GDP of the whole of Italy. UK pensioners are now among the richest Property owne...

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Second-hand annuity market scrapped

19 Oct 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Government plans to introduce a second-hand annuity market have been scrapped. The second-hand annuity market was originally announced by former C...

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Why a 4% pension contribution might not be enough for your retirement

7 Oct 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Fears have been raised over new figures showing average UK pension contributions have dropped to 4.7%. This is a drop of almost 50% in a year, compa...

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BMW closes final salary pension scheme

28 Sep 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

German motor manufacturer BMW is the next big business to shut down their final salary pension scheme. Over 5,000 staff will be affected as final sa...

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Could you be facing a cut in your final salary pension?

28 Sep 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Pensioners could lose up to 30% of their retirement fund with new cuts proposed by the Government. A Daily Telegraph study has shown how much retire...

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Why you shouldn’t forget about care when buying your annuity

8 Sep 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

What’s on your retirement savings checklist? Enough to get a good annuity? The money to enjoy your retirement to the fullest? Savings for later li...

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How deferring your state pension can boost your income in retirement

26 Aug 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Are you inching ever closer to your State Pension age, thinking ‘Retirement? I’m still fit as a fiddle!’. If the thought of quitting work has ...

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Annuity Rates and the Brexit Referendum

29 Jun 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

With the shock of Brexit now settling into the UK’s wider conscience, it’s important to see how this monumental decision will affect pensions an...

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Are you in or out? The arguments for and against Brexit

22 Jun 2016 | COMMENTS: 0

Britain is about to make one of its biggest political decisions in decades. The campaigns for and against staying part of the EU are in full swing. ...

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